Due to the environmental hazards of plastic bags, many organizations have come forward to promote the use of reusable and recycled bags. But in the latest initiative by ShopRite Partners In Caring, reusable bags are being used for spreading awareness about the hunger problem in the world.

Design Contest Is an Eco-Friendly Way of Fighting Hunger

To fight the problem of hunger, ShopRite has announced its annual bag design contest called “Designed to Fight Hunger”. In this contest, participants have to come up with original designs that can be printed on reusable or recyclable shopping bags. The design should be able to convey the message about the problem of hunger in the world. This program aims to create awareness about starvation among people.

The contest is open to all the upcoming and existing artists. ShopRite has partnered with Generals Mills for this program. This is the second time that ShopRite is organizing such an event. Apart from getting their design printed on the eco-friendly bags, the winner of this contest will also receive a grand prize of $2500. Not just that, an equivalent amount will also be donated to a local food bank in the region that the winner comes from..

Participants can log onto BagDesignContest.com to submit their designs. The contest will be open till December 31st and participants need to send in their entries by this date. The design that makes it to the top will be seen on all the eco-friendly bags provided at 250 locations of ShopRite.

The Spokesperson for this initiative by ShopRite, Christine Magyarits said that the customers of their stores have always shown a keen interest in helping the organization in its social causes. She said that this contest is a wonderful way of making them feel a part of the organization and providing them a platform to fight hunger.

Using Wholesale Reusable Bags for a Design Contest

This is a rather novel concept introduced by ShopRite. People are well aware of the use of wholesale reusable bags in keeping the environment clean and green. But this is perhaps the first time that eco-friendly bags are being used for a much different cause. This initiative will teach people not only about doing their bit for the environment, but will also make them aware of their responsibility in fighting hunger. Other business organizations too can learn from this contest and launch similar programs.

Source: http://www.silive.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2013/09/design_a_bag_help_fight_hunger.html