Ever since the country started going on an eco-friendly practicing drive, the States have started taking strict measures to help making it a zero-waste country. Banning of plastic covers and encouraging recycling are some of the many measures initiated by the country.  Also, by providing shoppers with wholesale reusable bags, the stores and the officials are doing their bit in encouraging the residents to become eco-minded.

It's the turn of ShopRite supermarkets to make a difference. Select supermarkets belonging to the giant chain, ShopRite, in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware, are planning to provide shoppers with a reusable shopping tote, which is also biodegradable and compostable. The supermarket chain claims that it is the first ever compostable and reusable bag to be introduced into the world.

Shoprite Compostable Bag Made from Natural Materials

The compostable reusable bag is going to be made out of tapioca and corn fibers, along with by-products from the process of food manufacturing. Water-based inks are going to be used while printing these bags, and they are going to be sewed with cotton thread.

Eco-friendly bags provided by the shopping chain, contain no petroleum and also are ASTM 6400 certified. The certification is necessary to prove that the product is a biodegradable and compostable product according to the US Composting Council.

New Bag Is Another Eco-Friendly Item at Shoprite

The reusable totes are machine-washable and can be used for at least hundred times before composting them at any commercial facility for composting. Once composted, the bags that can hold up to fifty pounds will biodegrade within a period of ninety days.

Since ShopRite stores encourage the shoppers to purchase and utilize wholesale reusable bags, they also offer the customers who use non-disposable bags a rebate. Almost 58 million covers and bags were reused by ShopRite shoppers in 2011. Also, the ShopRite customers have helped in keeping almost 200 million covers and bags out of the landfills in the states, in the past five years.

ShopRite Has Always Been Innovative

The chain of supermarkets has always taken pride in its long history of innovative ‘green' business practices and they continue to look for more eco-friendly measure that they can incorporate in their business as the days go by. ShopRite is by far one of the best eco-minded retail stores and they must be proud of their latest practice of giving out compostable reusable shopping bags to their customers.

Source: http://supermarketnews.com/retail-amp-financial/shoprite-offers-compostable-reusable-bag