To increase the recycling rate in Somerset County, the county officials have decided to host a recycling event once a month. These recycling events will take place on the weekends so that maximum number of residents can take part in them. During the event, the residents will be allowed to dispose a variety of items such as textiles, electronics, and even old car parts such as tires.

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According to the county council officials, the residents within the county are too busy to recycle their waste items on a day-to-day basis. This is why the council officials have taken up the initiative to organize a recycling event every month. This will encourage the residents to take out some time to dispose all their waste items together.

During this recycling event, the residents can dispose close to 8 tires per individual at the event. But the tires need to be without the rims. In addition to this, the residents can dispose items such as old shirts, poster boards, boxes, empty steel cans, towels, curtains, shoes, and even belts. Also, the residents can donate some of their used items to local organizations that participate in the event. The officials from the local food bank will take part in this recycling event as well. So, the residents can donate food products for the poor at the event.

The organizers of the recycling event will not accept any hazardous material such as chemicals or metals during the event. In addition to this, the organizers have requested the residents to not donate stale food items and dirty textiles items at the event, as they want to recycle these items as soon as they can.

Encouraging Recycling and Eco-Friendly Items Like Custom Reusable Shopping Bags With Logo

According to the organizers of the recycling event, the residents will be encouraged to recycle more through this initiative. According to one of the county council members, the residents need to be reminded to use eco-friendly products such as custom reusable shopping bags with logo, or organic food. If not reminded frequently, they tend to ignore recycling, and so the recycling rates within the region drop as well. The organizers of this event agree with the county council, and they are hoping that a lot of residents will take part in this event.