As you think of new ways to increase revenue streams, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to push impulse sales. You can go for green bags, think of some new merchandise that is easy to sell, and maximize profits. Continue reading to look for ideas that will help your business grow.

How does Custom Earth Promos improve the customer experience? We offer the best custom bags and fun merchandise!

Why St. Patrick's Day Merchandise?

St. Patrick's Day is a party for everyone. It is the one day of the year where everyone is required to wear green, and it just gives you a reason to grab some new merchandise. As a result, you can order green everything. Let your customers drive sales in one department—green. You can try just about anything to make the season more profitable.

What Kinds of Merchandise?

You can purchase green bags, tumblers, mugs, pens, notebooks, and lanyards. Try to find as many green items as you can. You will notice that customers just—need something green. You can sell out of this merchandise quickly, and you do not necessarily need to label everything for the holiday. You'll just have some extra green later in the year.

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