Star Wars Day often creeps up on people because they are not superfans of the series or do not realize that fans take it so seriously. Remember that you have Star Wars fans in your midst every day. They will love the way you highlight this holiday, and there are a few ways that you can make it happen.

Look at our products at Custom Earth Promos as you search for a way to make Star Wars Day your business.

Why Star Wars Day?

There is no other holiday connected to Star Wars specifically. There are plenty of times when new content is released, and you may choose to commemorate those dates, but this is a date every year that teenagers, young kids, and adults all love. Plus, it is easy to plan around. all you need to do is choose a promotion for your company that makes sense for the holiday.

Add Custom Bags

We offer custom bags to all our customers so that you can stop using plastic and start advertising your business on the bag. The main feature of the bag should be your business' name and contact information. After that, we can add something that speaks to the holiday. While we will not use copyrighted images, you can go for space motifs, spaceships, or just aliens in general. You can even try “May the Forth be With You.”

Reuse the Bags

Because Star Wars Day happens every year, you might want to reuse these bags every time there is new content coming out. Plus, you can use the same design next year so that your customers remember you take part in the holiday.

Order Today

You can order with Custom Earth Promos today to find the best recycled and reusable bags. We customize everything, and our friendly staff will work with you over email, on the phone, or through our live chat window.