Starting to make use of recycled bags as opposed to non-reusable paper and plastic-type bags is one method that every individual is able to do their part when it comes to helping the environment, reduce waste, and lessen the consumption of natural assets and non-renewable fuels. Whilst more prevalent in other countries, the unfortunate the fact is that many consumers within the united states still depend on paper or plastic handbags for most of their store shopping. Possibly they require extra motivation? This article will enumerate a list of 10 reasons why every person should start using recycled bags.

1) Plastic-type hand bags take over a thousand years to break down in landfills.

2) Plastic-type hand bags will not biodegrade within landfills. Rather, they photo degrade, which will discharge toxins in to the ground and waterways nearby which can be eaten by wildlife, resulting in fatality

3) Roughly 1% of plastic-type bags will be recycled because of high costs. That result in 99% end up as litter or find themselves in the landfills.

4) Every square mile within the ocean carries with it a median of 46, 000 bits of plastic-type material within it and this amount keeps growing.

5) Every year, the United States makes use of over twelve million industry standard barrels worth of fossil-based oil in the form of plastic-type hand bags.

6) The ten billion paper pouches which US shoppers use every year need the harvesting of 14 million timbers .

7) The paper and pulp sector utilizes the second most quantity of energy in comparison with all major US industrial sectors .

8) Alongside seaside US coast line, 10% of all waste materials and trash is actually plastic-type bags.

9) More than 100,000 ocean turtles and over 1 million wild birds perish every year following consumption of plastic-type bags which they come across in oceanic masses, waterways, and countryside. These hand bags are wrongly recognized for food and typically get stuck within the animal's intestinal tract where they stop the animal from processing other nutrition, leading to a slow and agonizing demise.

10) Every recycled bag that you make use of may potentially lower your usage of plastic-type bags by 1, 000 hand bags over the duration of the bag.

Making use of recycled bags significantly reduces the amount of plastic-type hand bags used, dumped, and accessible to destroy wildlife, contaminate the terrain, and/or cause harm to our ground and waters.