The holidays are a time when it's especially easy to put on weight. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and then all the office parties and family parties will have plenty of wine, meat, sides, and tones of deserts. If you've truly committed to exercise though, the adage is “summer bodies are made in the winter.” There are a lot of ways to cut calories this time of year with tricks like only eating what's on your plate and not getting second helpings, skipping desert, and a few other strategies, but one way to be sure to stay in gear is continuing to make it to the gym. Our pop tumbler is a great gym accessory, especially as it gets colder. The pop tumbler can fit sixteen ounces of liquid, and comes in either blue, red and black. The pop tumbler is a double walled stainless steel bottle, which is not only recyclable and eco-friendly, but is easy to clean and corrosion free. It features a silicone spout for easy three hundred sixty degree drinking capabilities. The pop tumbler also makes a great promotional item, and with a four inch high by three and a third inch wide imprint space, your logo will stand out prominently against either the blue or silver color of the bottle.

Promote Your Company with the Pop Tumbler at the Gym!

Custom Earth Promos strives to offer not only the highest quality products, but products that meet the highest environmental standards. The pop tumbler is no exception. Your clients are sure to love the sleek, stainless steel design, and hopefully, will be motivated to stay moving even in the cold months where its easy to pack on a few extra pounds. Give your clients the gift of health this holiday season with the pop tumbler!