You need strong custom bag handles because you paid for bags that would last for more than a few minutes. You might be dealing with a plastic bag ban, you need a new vendor, or you plan to use these bags throughout your shop, warehouse, or factory. Continue reading to learn more about these bags. 

At Custom Earth Promos, you can learn all that you need to know about strong and functional bags, get the best customer service, and find the best designs in the industry. 

How Does X Stitching Help? 

At Custom Earth Promos, we create strong custom bag handles by using X stitching. We cross over the area that attaches the bag and handle. Also, we do this to make sure that the bag is strong enough to use over and over again. We also use very strong recycled materials that measure up to 180 GSM. Mixing these two things can make the bag much stronger than normal. 

This Is Better Than Paper Or Plastic 

When you have been using paper or plastic, those bags will not last very long. If you get a paper bag wet just one time, it is pretty much ruined. Plastic bags can tear quickly, and they are banned in many locations. A custom bag can be built to offer you the best design and strong custom bag handles. Without the kind of bags we can provide, your customers and staff will find it hard to shop and work. 

We Offer Different Handle Lengths 

When you need strong custom bag handles, you can turn to us right now for amazing bags with great designs in different shapes and sizes. We also offer different handle lengths depending on how you plan to use the bags. Because every bag is different, you should read through our catalog to decide how long your handle should be. 

When we mix great stitching, handles, and designs, our team at Custom Earth Promos makes your business just a little bit better.