While the fight against the use of ecologically harmful elements has been brewing for some time, the battle against plastic has only recently come into focus. As a result, the future generations seem to be leading the way to protect the environment. All over the country, and other parts of the world, the youngsters are making people more aware of the dangers of the irresponsible use of plastic bags.

No More Plastic Bags When You Have Recycled Shopping Bags

Eco Action, founded in Penn State, works closely with students and has taken the issue seriously to make people understand the issues that crop up due to excessive use of plastic bags. One problem that the organization has noticed is that it is hard to get people to change their ways. The ease with which plastic bags can be used and discarded is something that most people are used to and getting them to give up on the habit has been hard.

Eco Action has developed an action plan to help it realize its goals faster. One major part of this plan is the fact that Eco Action campaigns very stringently for more serious policies that prevent convenience store employees from handing out extra plastic bags. Their another method is to hand out new reusable bags to freshmen entering stores to encourage them to make use of these eco-friendly bags instead of the ecologically damaging plastic versions.

While the biodegradability of plastic bags is at the root of the issue, one must look at an even larger picture and see that excessive use of plastic bags is damaging the environment significantly . Plastic bags are usually discarded after just one or two uses - meaning that they frequently line the landscape as well as clog the waterways.

Stick to Custom Recycled Shopping Bags

Custom recycled shopping bags have a number of subtle, but very effective advantages to a number of business owners. For instance, being eco-friendly is held in high esteem by a number of next generation shoppers. Custom recycled shopping bags can be seen as marketing symbols that send a message to the shoppers that your business is eco-friendly. Also, the same bags can be printed with your logo and name to promote the core competency of your business. While the production cost of these bags may cost a little more than their plastic counterparts, the enhancement to your businesses reputation is significant.

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