Wholesale Stainless Steel Bottles for the Environment and Promotion

It is amazing how different water is now from ten years ago. We have transitioned from tap water as the only option, to plastic bottles of water being the norm, to high end “luxury” water, and now we are seeing the resurgence of tap water again. This time around, the tap water needs to be ready to go and offer the same portability and convenience as the ubiquitous plastic bottled water. Reusable bottles, especially stainless steel, are wonderful way to achieve this and are gaining popularity. One order of branded wholesale stainless steel bottles are good for the environment and provide a great medium for promoting your brand at a very low cost.
Unlike the one use plastic bottles which are a huge burden on the earth, reusable bottles stay out of both the trash and recycling streams. Even when a bottle is recycled, it requires additional energy and creates more pollution to be reformed as a new product. It also will use fuel as it is shipped from the consumer through the recycling system and back into the market. Reusing one bottle can stop all of that. Stainless steel bottles are even more durable than their plastic counterparts, and will therefore stay out of the trash and recycle streams for longer.
If you want to encourage the image of being a health conscious organization, hand out branded bottles to your employees. Buying wholesale stainless steel bottles that feature your brand or logo, this can be done very economically. The stainless steel can even be taken to an engraver for added personalization. You could offer engraved bottles to the employee of the month, or give them out for holiday presents.
A large cooler stacked with filled stainless steel bottles and ice would be a wonderful promotional item at conventions, job fairs, and other events where you want to leave lots of people with a positive impression. Buying wholesale stainless steel water bottles with your logo can provide you with more than their cost's worth of advertising and will keep your name at the forefront of your audience's mind.
Stainless steel bottles have become popular for their convenience, their safety and durability, their low environmental impact, and their sleek good looks. By offering stainless steel bottles, you can be part of that.