Yes, summer is upon us, and you want to make the most of it by bringing all these beautiful colors to the forefront. However, what do you do when fall comes and you get the autumn chills? You can keep the summer hues and make them a part of your business. Check out all your options here and decide what your best option is while marketing your business.

Check out Custom Earth Promos and the customized recycled bags that can bring through all the summer colors you need. You can contact us online and learn more about these marketing options.

Bright Summer Colors

Bright summer colors are something that people miss when it gets cold outside. This is something to consider because people get cold, visit your business, and wish for summer. What if you were marketing around that bright yellow, pink, or blue you love? When you use these colors, remember that it is much easier to maintain a balanced color palette, using a bright color or two while mixing in others from below.

Summer Warmth

Warm colors are all a part of the summer. You can go for warm oranges, reds, and greens. You don’t need to live in “bright land” all year. Plus, warm oranges work great in the fall, greens blend in in early spring, and warm reds are perfect for the winter holidays.

Dark Summer Colors

Dark colors are more important than you think. There is such as a thing as a dark color that works in the summer. That rich Navy blue you love on your boat shoes and polo shirts, it works all year. Chocolate brown is a fun summer color you can blend with pink or yellow. It also works throughout the year.

Keeping these three colors—the ones you love most—on your custom bags can make your business look amazing throughout the year while warming the hearts of your customers.