Summer vacation is a lovely time to get away and relax, but no one wants to come home to a dirty house. We all talk about spring cleaning, but there is a summer cleaning regimen you should try. Use these tips to learn how to prepare your home for vacation and keep it organized for warm weather and times when the kids are out of school.

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Summer In - Winter Out

You likely have a mud room, and in that room are a lot of winter items. It’s time to organize them and move them to a new location. Some recycled and reusable bags from Custom Earth Promos can help. You can move in all other summer items you use — pool bags, towels, etc. Plus, you can flip flop when the weather cools down and the pool closes later on in the year.

Old Papers and Magazines

Everyone loves to read in the house, but we tend to hold onto these items throughout the winter and spring. You don’t want to come home to a cluttered house, and that is why you should pack all these papers in a reusable bag. You can toss all those papers in the recycling bin when the summer starts, and you will come home from vacation to a clean house.

Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are one of the most important parts of your vacation. Pack all your vacation into a reusable bag and wash all those clothes as soon as you get home. If nothing else, all those clothes are organized so that you can wash them in your own time.

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