Following the eco-friendly approach of many other US cities, Summit County too has decided to go plastic-free. The County has already started discussing ideas of coming up with ways to encourage sustainable habits among its residents. One such initiative taken by the authorities is the resolution of reducing the use of plastic bags in the county.

Summit County Resolution to Reduce Use of Plastic Bags

According to the resolution, retailers will be allowed to come up with techniques that will encourage their customers to reduce the use of plastic bags. Retailers can do this by charging a certain fee on plastic bags, providing discounts to their customers for carrying recyclable bags and so on. They need to ensure the reduction of one-time-use plastic bags. The main idea behind this resolution is to promote the use of reusable bags like cloth bags, canvas bags, totes, and so on.

This resolution adopted by Summit County is on the same lines as the one passed by Park City a few months ago. The Superintendent of the Solid Waste Department of Summit County, Jaren Scott said that around five percent of the residents of Summit County use recyclable and reusable bags. This percentage is a little higher in Park City as the store owners there offer a rebate of five cents to their customers who carry reusable bags to the store.

He also said that he is totally in the favor of this resolution as one-time-use plastic bags ultimately end up in the landfills, creating nuisance in the environment. He further mentioned that plastic litter is one of the major concerns of the county right now. But he is hopeful that with increased awareness about the issue, the county will be free from plastic soon.

Custom Cloth Shopping Bags Easily Replaced Plastic Bags in Summit County

Given the problems created by plastic bags, using eco-friendly options like custom cloth shopping bag is a much better alternative for the residents of the county. Reusable bags can be used in the same way as plastic bags, plus they do not create any trouble for the environment. The environment officials of the county plan to launch a public awareness campaign to educate and inform people on the issue. This campaign will help people in understanding why they need to ditch their plastic bags and opt for eco-friendly shopping bags instead.