Most of us may have a preconceived notion that anything that is plastic is not recyclable and anything to do with paper is recyclable. While this may be true overall, there are specific paper items that are not fit to be recycled. The world has come to a stage where it is either recycle and save nature or allow the future generations to suffer due to our follies.

What Wholesale Tote Bags and Eco-Friendly Items Can Be Recycled and What Cannot?

Though this question is a pretty short one, the answer is long drawn out. There is an exhaustive list of products that can be recycled. Even with paper and paper products, office paper, white paper, even colored paper, newspaper (with metal clips, pins, strings etc removed), all types of magazines (even the glossy ones) phone books, catalogs, paperboard, tissue boxes (not tissue paper) junk mail, unused paper towels and toilet paper rolls.

For obvious reasons, though the following are made from paper, they are not deemed fit to be recycled. For instance, napkins cannot be recycled, and the same goes for tissue paper, paper towels, wax paper (the wax content may hamper the process and could be toxic too) wrapping paper, and any other paper product that comes in contact with the human body, as it has the potential to be contaminated. Yes, mounds of such recyclable material need to go to the incinerator. It is interesting to note that if we refrain from using products made from non-recyclable materials and switch to wholesale tote bags there will certainly be fewer landfills to contend with.

All cardboard boxes need to be broken down before they can be recycled; these include millions of pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard cartons, brown paper bags and boxboard such as shoe boxes, gift boxes and cereal boxes. However, cardboard lined with plastic, such as bubble wrap boxes and waxed or waterproof cardboard cannot be recycled. While most metal beverage and food containers, aluminum foil and metal pots, pans and utensils can be recycled, motor oil cans, paint cans and metal cardboard containers cannot.

Adopt Wholesale Tote Bags

The obvious choice of eco conscious people and those who are concerned about the environment would be switching to wholesale tote bags. Though the convenience and comfort of use-and-throw plastic is a bit too ingrained in our day-to-day life, we need to make concentrated efforts to just remember to carry a reusable bag when we step out of our homes on a shopping chore.

The one-word mantra is “recycling” and giving the cycle of life a fair chance to remain intact, and leaving behind a legacy that we can be proud of. Let's say no to plastics and yes to reusable wholesale tote bags.