Self-isolating during the Coronavirus outbreak is the safe thing to do for yourself and your family even if you do not have any symptoms. However, this does not mean that you need to sit physically inside your house all day every day. It is a good idea to go outside, go for a walk, or simply sit in your backyard. If you absolutely must run to a grocery store or local market for supplies, you need your reusable bags.

This is where Custom Earth Promos can help you when you have no symptoms but want to be safe.

How Do Your Reusable Bags Help?

Everyone who is asymptomatic and self-isolating can leave the house with their own recycled and reusable shopping bags. When you buy these bags from us, you can carry food home from the grocery store, take a picnic into your backyard, or carry supplies when you take a walk. This is also a nice way to carry items to elderly neighbors that you are looking after.

What Happens When You Get Home?

When you get home with your reusable bags, they can be unloaded and disinfected. People who are trying to be extra-careful can easily clean their bags, store them, and use them again in the future. If you were to get a plastic bag or a paper bag from the grocery store, you can't really clean them. Plus, you can easily carry reusable bags when you are wearing gloves. Your gloves would tear up or crinkle paper/plastic bags.

You Can Remain Active And Safe At The Same Time

Yes, you can leave the house. Yes, you can carry reusable bags made from recycled materials wherever you go. To be extra-safe, you can clean the bag when you get home. This is safe for you, safe for anyone you visit, and more cost-effective for your family.

(You can even take these bags to the beach or on vacation when this crisis is finally over.)