If you are a teenager with a creative mind and are always finding ways of keeping the environment clean, here is your chance. DoSomething.org has launched an interesting campaign to let all the young ones and teens get creative in an eco-friendly manner.

Teens Get Creative at a Recycling Contest

The contest is named ‘The 50 Cans Campaign' and as the name suggests, participants will be required to collect a minimum of 50 aluminum cans and get creative with them. They can arrange or use these cans in any manner they want to come up with a creative collection. Once they are done with their arrangement, they can upload pictures on Instagram, a photo sharing site, with #50cans.

The campaign has already got quite popular with the target age group. It was launched on September 24 and will go on until December 13. The participants of the contest stand a chance of winning a scholarship of $4,000 for collecting 50 aluminum cans. The more cans they collect, the higher are their chances of winning the prize.

Apart from the grand prize, the campaign also comes up with smaller contests with different themes every week to keep the participants spirited and doing their best. It is also helping the campaign in getting a better response while keeping it interesting.

Non-profit, DoSomething.org has been designed to promote such habits among young people which can help in bringing a social change. The organization is not just involved in promoting eco-friendly habits among youngsters but has also launched campaigns educating them about animal cruelty, bullying, cancer, and homelessness. The organization stated that its mission is to get youngsters to understand the difference they can make on their own, without the help of adults, money or even a car.

Teens Get Creative with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

This is a very good initiative launched by DoSomething.org to make youngsters aware of the different ways in which they can help the society as well as the environment. Small efforts by them can come a long way in helping the planet in becoming a better place to live. Other environmental organizations, as well as businesses too, can learn from this initiative of DoSomething.org. They can design eco-friendly promotional items to create awareness about sustainable habits and get youngsters into the habit of recycling.

Source: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/50cans-its-recycling-art-and-a-contest-for-teens/