There are few inventions that I would put on par with the invention of electricity, but a few to come to mind are sliced bread and a pen with the alternate tip being a highlighter. Every time I am doing office work, I rummage through my desk filled with broken pencils, crumpled papers, and hard candy wrappers without a single highlighter to be found. I buy packs of them and somehow manage to lose all of them right when I need one. I don't know if there is some magical place where all the lost highlighters of the world go, but if it exists, I want to find it and reclaim some of my property. The first time I was at a conference and somebody offered me a pen with a highlighter on the other end I launched into a far off space fantasy of me having arrived somewhere in the future and that this magical device couldn't possibly exist during our time. I held onto that pen forever until the ink of both sides was totally exhausted.

Hand out Eco Pen with Highlighter at Your next Trade Show

The Eco Pen with Highlighter by Custom Earth Promos is one of the most versatile promotional products available on our site. The Eco Pen with Highlighter comes in red, green, blue, orange, and black, and has a recycled paper barrel body and wooden clip that makes it unique in contrast with the infinite drab pens you find everywhere. The Eco Pen with Highlighter features a medium-point pen tip on one end and a chiseled highlighter tip on the opposite end making it incredible easy to switch sides while working on a document. There is a large imprint area on the Eco Pen with Highlighter that is perfect for your company's logo so that every time someone picks up this great product they will notice your name and silently thank you for giving them something so useful. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale pricing on the Eco Pen With Highlighter to be sure to get the best deal possible!