I am a cashier at a major retail chain store. I have to admit, those darn reusable bags do not make my job any easier. It is hard enough to read a customer's mind and bag their items the way I think the customer wants them. Add their own giant bags in the mix, and it's almost impossible to get it right. I swear I have heard, "I want it all in one bag because they hold a lot, but don't make it too heavy for me to carry." Huh? Is that humanly possible? Sometimes I see a customer down the line with a handful of reusable shopping bags, and I cringe.

Custom Reusable Bags Eco-Friendly in Style, I Know There Is an Interesting Story Behind It

Sometimes those custom recycled bags eco-friendly style are so interesting, or have such a memorable name or logo on them, that it has other customers in my line talking about them too. Sometimes my entire line ends up talking about a particular company or event another customer has attended!

One woman I helped recently had put her family reunion picture on her custom printed recycled bags. She had such a wonderful time reminiscing about the reunion, that we talked about it the whole time I rang her groceries up. We laughed and joked about her little anecdotes. The customer behind her got involved in the storytelling as well. It was all good fun. She actually did not want to leave when she had paid and we were all finished!

So I guess in short, these recycled bags are just a little bit more work for your cashier at the grocery store, but they are great for the environment. And oh, the stories I have heard! If I see you in my line someday with one of them, don't be surprised if I ask you all about that interesting bag you've got there.