In the year 2013, Thurston County is going to join the long list of cities and counties that are contemplating on whether or not they should ban the usage of single-use plastic bags, within their premises. At present, the retailers within the county are against this proposition as they feel that plastic bags are a convenient option for the customers as well as for them. However, the solid waste officials within the county are of a different opinion, and they feel that these bags should be banned immediately.

The Contrasting Opinions on the Proposed Ban in Thurston County

At present, the officials in the Thurston County are looking at both the views that are being expressed with regard to the proposal of banning plastic bags. While the solid waste authorities within the county want the ban to be implemented instantaneously, the retailers within the county have opposed the ban. The officials from the solid waste management committee feel that the retailers have a very restricted view of plastic bags, and don't understand the impact that they have on the environment. Therefore, they are going to try and explain the benefits of this ban to the retailers.

According to the Washington Retail Association, such matters should be addressed with a statewide or a nationwide approach. This is because if different counties and cities have different ordinances on the same issues, the retailers will have to go through extra trouble to make their sales. The retailers feel that the usage of plastic bags will help them maintain uniformity in selling their products across the U.S. Furthermore, these bags provide more protection to the retailers in instances of bad weather. That is why retailers are opposing the ban on single-use bags.

Thurston County Ways to Incorporate Promotional Reusable Bags

According to the retailers, promotional reusable bags can be incorporated in the present system by giving the customers the choices between plastic, paper, and reusable bags. The retail industry clarified that it understands the environmental issues that rise with the usage of plastic bags, and want to take measures to combat them. However, they feel that a strict ban on any commodity only causes inconvenience to the people. So the retailers have requested the city officials to keep the current system in place, that is, let the customers have the option to choose between paper, plastic, and reusable bags. Furthermore, the retailers are encouraging the city officials to find suitable ways to have recycled plastic bags instead of banning them completely.