New York City may soon pass a law that charges 10 cents for bags used at counters in retail stores. So, if one wants to be a tad kind to their wallet, switching to reusable bags would be the way to go.

People Understanding Problems Related with  Plastic Bags

The use of plastic has been a problem for decades. Other than the fact that they convenient though, the main reason plastic is used so often is because it's free. This also allows people to conveniently not hold themselves accountable for the sheer magnitude of plastic consumption to which they contribute.

Let's face it. People are generally not going to give up on long-term habits unless they affect them directly. In today's consumerist culture, digging into people's pockets is a sure-fire way to get their attention.

If this bill in NYC is passed, plastic bags will drop from their “free” status to being chargeable at ten cents apiece. Some might even say that that isn't much. Ten cents can't make enough of a dent to actually make one worry.

Well, you may be right – if you only used a few plastic bags. Sit down for a moment and thoroughly consider how many plastic bags you use in a day, or in a week – everywhere. Now calculate how much that must mean you use in a year. Are you getting a clearer picture now? Good. Go pick up a few reusable bags and save yourself the heartache.

On a more encouraging note, people have gotten more aware about the environment, often initiating environment-friendly practices themselves. Reducing the use of plastic bags is an easy way to help out – even if it will take some getting used to the habit. Most people are ready for the change. This law would merely provide an additional reason to do so.

Using Promotional Recycled Plastic Bags for the Cause

Plastic bags may be disposable, but people do not seem to realize how much better reusable bags are. One main advantage of reusable bags is that they're environment friendly and biodegradable. Other than that, reusable bags are also washable, much sturdier than plastic bags, roomy, and lasting – which make them cheaper in the long run too! Plus, promotional reusable bags also work as an effective marketing tool for businesses.

Custom designs are a big feature of promotional reusable bags. Companies can actually up their goodwill value and positive PR by printing some neat designs on these reusable bags to promote environmental causes. Additionally, being seen with one adds your name to the great green revolution!