Transitioning to organic farming could mean giving back life to the soil. Joe Scrimger's story depicts what success in organic farming is all about. He has been in the business for long and has been advising and helping other farmers since 1980. Today he is a top consultant in the field of organic farming.

Bringing 'Organic Farming' Back

Joe's expertise in organic farming has been recognized since 1980. Whenever his clients need help on animals, or farms he is ready to advise them. Healthy soil, according to Joe should be full of tiny microbes, animal and plant life which are all interdependent in the complex ecosystem. Micro-organisms keep the soil aerated, healthy and flushed with nutrients.

Joe Scrimger's consultancy business is known as Bio-Systems. It is located in Marlette where he offers soil testing service along with consultancy. He charges $500 per day for his consultancy business while the rates for soil testing vary between $35 and $275. Consultations can include field evaluation and soil sampling apart from recommendations. He understands the harm fertilizers and insecticides can bring to the soil by reducing its nutrient value. These impact the productivity and make the crops prone to diseases.

Scrimger has spent a large part of his life in farming. He studied mechanical engineering after graduating from high school in 1967 but eventually went on to continue agricultural education. He has attended numerous seminars and programs on organic and bio-organic farming. He started his business in 1972 with 160-acre farm land that he purchased along with his wife and bought more land by the next three years when he transitioned to organic business. Along the way he received numerous awards for his outstanding work including Young Farmers Award in 1984 and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. In 2006, Michigan Organic Food and Farming Alliance gave him a Public Service Award.

Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Promote Organic Farming

Joe Scrimger's life depicts the value of using eco-friendly promotional items to promote organic lifestyle. He lives by what he preaches. Organic life style will get popular if awareness is created with eco-friendly promotional items. However, people like Joe Scrimger understood their importance long time back when environmental concerns were not as deep as they are today. Organic farming promises to resist the environmental threat we are facing today by offering healthy food and by making the planet sustainable along the way. The traditional process of food production and processing has given rise to a host of ailments and threatening health conditions. They can only be reversed if we begin using organic food items.