Back in March, President Trump signed an executive order titled, Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth. Though it might sound promising for American workers, there are some troubling details like the introduction of over half a billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the next decade.

The executive order essentially allows for the Environmental Protection Agency to rewrite the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan in hopes of restoring the dying coal industry. On top of that, coal has one of the highest carbon content of all fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide emissions from coal combustion represent nearly a quarter of all total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Needless to say, coal is no friend to the environment.

Trump's climate policies have also steered the United States clear from meeting its projected target for the Paris Agreement of significantly reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Activists Have a Solution

Activists have teamed up to create a global reforestation project called "Trump Forest" to offset President Trump's anti-climate policies.

How it works.

It's a simple enough concept. All participants have to do is pay for and plant trees anywhere in the world in the name of Donald Trump and send the organization the receipt so they can tally everyone's contributions and add them to the ever-growing global Trump Forest map.

"We wanted something tangible that people could do that would actually have a physical impact on what the U.S. government is doing," Dr. Daniel Price, a climate scientist and glaciologist and one of the three founders behind the effort, told the Huffington Post.

To date, Trump Forest has had more than 122,000 trees pledged since the project was first launched in March. This is a great start but the organizers told HuffPost that more than 110 billion trees would have to be donated to make up for the extra greenhouse gases Trump plans to put into the atmosphere.