Nail art and beautiful nail designs have caught the fancy of women looking to add a little zing to the usual manicure and putting the nail enamel routine. The presence of harmful chemicals in the nail decal had been a put-off for many in the past, but not anymore with the introduction of a non-toxic, chemical free nail decal. The repulsive chemicals have been done away with in the new collection of nail decals manufactured by a San Francisco-based company called Nail Kit.

Flaunt Those Nails in Style with Nail Stickers

Intricate nail art designs require a lot of patience and precision on the part of the creator. The ready to use nail decals have simplified the complex art of nail designing for nail art aficionados who find it difficult to do it on their own. An extensive range of stunning nail decals is available on the market that measures up to the salon quality designs in a matter of minutes.

Choosing the right nail decal to suit your mood or your apparel is the first step to realizing your wish for those stunning salon quality nails. The nail art decals come in a variety of designs that range from your favorite cartoons to shimmering 3D delights. The usual flowery designs can be swapped for an adventurous pirate look for that spooky effect during the Halloween.

The delicate nail art in the ready to use nail decals is the perfect solution for busy individuals who do not have the time to make a salon trip before a sudden get-together or an evening out. The decals are nail stickers of standard size that can be easily applied onto a clean nail surface. The excess length of the decals can be easily filed away after sticking it onto the nails.

The latest addition to the wide range of nail decals available in the market are the chemical-free decals by Nail Kit. Although there are a lot of companies involved in the production of skin-friendly products that are not tested on animals, Nail Kit is the first company to have created an eco-friendly option in the nail care segment.

Stylish Eco-Friendly Nail Stickers and Promotional Items

Eco-friendly products are perfect promotional items to empower a business. The pro-environment initiative can be undertaken by the companies by launching eco-friendly products that are made of biodegradable and non-toxic material. Non-toxic nail decals with a company logo for the design can be one of the effective eco-friendly promotional items used to promote your business.

Eco-friendly apparel is indeed a stylish and functional way of promoting a business. The apparel can be chosen by keeping up with the seasons, for example, a hooded scarf or a pair of mittens during winters are perfect ways of reminding your customers, how valuable they are. Caps, flip-flops, t-shirts and other casual wear made from organic materials can be a great way of enticing more customers during the summers. The goal of preventing environmental degradation can be used to draw attention to the services of a company by giving out eco-friendly gifts and driving environmental initiatives.