You might be carrying a reusable bag while shopping for your groceries but have you tried 'going green' with your house? You just need to make a few changes to turn your house into an eco-friendly one. What's more is that you will even end up saving a lot in the long run, once you switch to the sustainable way of living. Here is how you can do it.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Environment in Your House

Going eco-friendly with the house usually begins with the living room. Apart from fixing low-energy lights, go for solar powered appliances. You can also change the insulation and install green fibre cocoon which is recyclable and uses natural fibres. Also, try to get sofas and couches made from organic fibre. It is an added advantage if non-toxic glue is used for the furniture. Try to make your house free from any furniture that uses animal hide. Another interesting option is to use fire logs made from recyclable coffee that cuts down on carbon monoxide.

Coming to the kitchen, it is important to paint the walls in this area specifically with low VOCs. energy efficient dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves. Another simple yet effective tip is to go for water aerator which prevents wastage of water. For the dining area, you can place paper mats on the table.

Add colourful duvets and curtains made from organic, natural materials in your bedroom. Also, ceiling fans are a better option compared to the energy-consuming cooling options. Apart from these, remember to switch off the all energy using items when not in use. This is not only an eco-friendly habit but will also cut down on your bills drastically. Also, washing your clothes with cold water is better rather than wasting energy in heating it up. Ditching the clothes dryer and using the clothes line to dry your washed clothes is an excellent way to save on bills in the summers.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Help in Spreading Sustainable Ideas

Following an eco-friendly lifestyle yourself is very helpful, but what is even better is making others around you, aware of the same. Many companies too come up with various eco-friendly promotional items to inspire people to go green. Once people use these products, they realise that organic living is not just good for the environment, but is also much simple.