Most of the people these days are aware of their responsibilities and duties towards the environment. But it acts as an inspiration when some people go out of their way to make a difference. John Verbeten along with his wife Pam Murphy plus Quintin Bendixen with her husband Jamie Ferschinger are doing exactly this. Both these couples have adopted an organic lifestyle and set an example for everyone.

Their Journey Towards Sustainable Lifestyle

John and Pam have been practicing this green lifestyle in a rural setting. They got into this way of living when Pam took the initiative to purchase a property in Door County a decade ago. From here began their quest towards food sustainability which has grown into several acres of fruit and vegetable plantation. The couple did not just stop at that. They even own a farm which houses many animals and bees.

Though John is a wine representative and has embraced this change in their living, Pam is the one who actively looks after the farm and the animals. She said that she first turned the farm into a vegetable garden and after five years brought in the animals. With organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, eggs, and milk readily available to them, they don't excessively rely on the market for their food supplies anymore.

A somewhat similar approach has been adopted by another young couple in Bay View. Quintin and Jamie too have adopted a sustainable lifestyle, but they did not give up on their city life for this. They have two small plots in their backyard garden where they produce organic vegetables and fruits. Jamie said that both he and his wife had learned gardening so it did not get difficult for them to look after their small farm. Apart from being a hobby, looking after the farm also help them in getting their yearly agricultural supplies.

Live a Sustainable Lifestyle With Small Steps Like Using Wholesale Reusable Bags

Both these couples understand that it is not possible for everyone to invest so much of time and money into embracing a sustainable lifestyle. But they suggest that people can help by adopting small habits like using wholesale reusable bags, walking to the stores, using eco friendly products, and so on. Collectively, these habits can come a long way in saving the environment and making the planet a much safer as well as greener place to live.