When you are looking at two-toned custom bags, you can choose any style you want. There are several decades, styles, and looks that you can choose from. You can think outside the box. A designer can build a new identity for your business. You can even theme your bags based on the items you sell.

Allow our bags at Custom Earth Promos to give you the style and color combination you want.

Why Use Two-Toned Custom Bags?

Two-toned custom bags are very important for your business. These bags stand out because the bag and handles are two very different colors. Custom bags look very nice when they have a strong color on the body and light color on the handles. You can oppose the color of the bag with the handles. Create seasonal bags. For example Christmas bags will have red bodies and green handles.

Which Style Do You Want?

When you want to choose a style, think of a decade. You can go for the pastel against black or electric blue of the 80s. Business owners can go for the dark grunge styles of the 90s. You might try the tan and brown look of the 70s. Choose a style and a decade that speaks to what your business does. These colors say more about your business than anything.

How Does Your Logo Look On The Bag?

Two-toned custom bags will work well with your logo. You can choose the colors from your logo. You can create a look that stuns the public. They need to know who you are because “what business chooses those colors?” Yours does!

Reach out to us at Custom Earth Promos for help with your custom bags, two-tone styles, and the looks that you think will suit your business perfectly.