London-based Green Tomato Cars' services have started on a positive note in Virginia. While its good news for environment-friendly people, companies likes Uber and Lyft may face stiff competition as Green Tomato is indeed a rival to them. Their prices a little steeper compared to the others but they have additional features like apps that give them an added advantage.

Green Tomato Getting Ahead in the Eco-Friendly Race?

Currently, the fleet of Green Tomato cars has only 25 cars and another 75 will be added to it shortly. Customers who have liked Uber have returned Green Tomato for repeated service as they have been very happy with their performance and the fact that they are so eco-friendly. D.C is the city which has promoted the use of car greens for a long time now so Green Tomato has consciously chosen this city first. Richard Moskowitz who is the sales and marketing director for the company has assured that prices are fixed beforehand so extended travel times due to traffic and other conditions will not affect the price. This just adds to the long list of benefits these cars already enjoy.

The car, named after the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, has already proven its worth in London and the car makers are hoping the trend continues in this green-conscious city too. The car has two types of engines – fuel and electric. The switch from one engine to the other can be done effortlessly and the cars are attractive – Prius V. The emission level of the cars is incredibly low and makes very little noise. A definite bonus for those who want to travel in style! When green trends can cause significant changes in other fields, why not in your traveling style?

Which Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Can Be Used?

The Green Tomato cars are spacious, they are stylish and they have good horsepower and have captured the interest of man people in other cities in the world. With its entry in the US market, they of course wish to expand their client base and also impress upon their clients that eco-friendly items should be used more often. You have various eco-friendly promotional items like reusable bags and eco-friendly toys, all with the view of saving water, paper and cutting down on plastics usage. Travel in a Green Tomato car, if their services are offered in your city, and drive the green revolution home!