The ultimate summer road trip can stretch from the perfect day off to a journey for your best vacation experience. Now that Memorial Day has signaled the beginning of summer, you can use these tips to prepare for and enjoy your amazing road trip.

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Road Trip Packing

Packing for your road trip is far simpler when you use the promotional items and custom bags at Custom Earth Promos. When you use custom bags, you have several size and style choices. You can pack a massive range of items in these bags instead of relying on clunky or overweight luggage:

Pack toiletries in a custom bag designed with RPET and heavy stitching. These bags can hold your heavy toiletries, and they are easy to clean if they get wet or take on a bit of debris.

Why pack a picnic basket when it’s too hard to carry. Use a recycled bag to pack all your breads, and non-perishables.

Use a cooler bags for your meats, cheese, and drinks.

Use a wine bags to carry the spirits you pick up along the way — everyone loves a booze cruise.

Pack your beach towels, goggles, and sunscreen in a reusable bag. The beach is dirty, and that million dollar bag you bought for the occasion could be ruined in a day. A recycled bag from Custom Earth Promos cleans up in seconds.


When you are shopping, bring a recycled shopping bag to make sure you have something to carry all your fun purchases. This can be especially helpful if you’re shopping far from where you parked the car. You can also bring multiple bags so that you can set apart breakable or delicate items. You can even put tags on the bags so that you know whose items are in which bags.

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