When you are ready to make the most of your promotional offers, go for the umbrella. There is nothing more functional, beautiful, or needed than a gorgeous rain cover with your name and logo on it. This is one of those things people often forget because they think only Fortune 500 companies have branded umbrellas. That is not the case, and these items can bring huge marketing potential to your brand.

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Everyone Needs an Umbrella

Most people need an umbrella. If you have honest customers or clients—they need one. Most people drive around and when it starts raining, they forget that there is nothing to protect them from the rain in the car or the office. Because this is such a functional item, it is something that you can easily sell or give away that people will hold on to.

An Umbrella is Beautiful

The color on an umbrella is going to be stunning, and you cannot miss it. This is something that gets the attention of anyone who sees them. This is a fabulous form of passive marketing that remains with your customers for long periods of time. They keep those umbrellas for years at a time, and they often hold onto them for so long that you have changed colors or logos before they need a new one.

A Nice Gift With Purchase

You can easily do a gift with purchase and add an umbrella. Most people will pay because it looks great and they know they need one. Plus, you can charge far less than they would have to pay if they went into a store and tried to buy one outright.

Order Today

Order today for the most marketing potential from such a small item. Everyone needs it, but they never have it. You can solve that problem and attach your name and logo to every umbrella you sell or give away.