In an attempt to reduce the number of electronics in the landfills of the county, the city council of Union County has decided to support an electronic items recycling event at the county. This event will take place on the 23rd of March, 2013. The residents will be able to dispose their old electronics at the event.

A Recycling Event for Old Electronics

The e-recycling event will give all the Union County residents an opportunity to recycle their old electronics; however, every household will be allowed to recycle only six electronic items at the event. According to the officials, electronics items occupy a lot of space in the landfills, and so the city council has decided to host this recycling event.

In order to recycle the old electronics, the residents will have to carry an identification proof at the event. This event is meant only for the residents of the county, so they will have to get their identification proofs verified in order to participate in the event. The organizers will only accept a few identification proofs as being valid, and any information on this matter has been uploaded on the city council's website.

All the residents will have to drive to the venue of the recycling event with all their old electronic equipment. The volunteers at the event will help the residents unload their vehicles, and they will guide them as well. However, this recycling event is meant only for specific electronic items such as speakers, hard drives, computer monitors, tablets, keyboards, mice, printers, video cassettes, scanners, fax machines, VCRs, telephones, DVDs, CDs, and circuit boards. All the computer parts that are collected at the event will be transported to Dell and Goodwill shops.

The organizers will not accept any big electronics such as microwaves, air-conditioners, dryers, washers, and refrigerators at the event. However, the residents will be allowed to dispose these electronics by participating in the Scrap Metal Recycling Program of the county.

The City Council Promotes Recycling and Wholesale Custom Reusable Bags

This recycling event will also have information on all the recycling initiatives undertaken by the city council of Union County. There are several local businesses within the county that recycle electronic waste, and the organizers of the event will give the residents information on these businesses during the event. Furthermore, the organizers will also promote wholesale custom reusable bags at the event, as they feel that plastic bags occupy a lot of space in the landfill, and they should be replaced with eco-friendly options.