Readers who have a keen interest in gardening might have heard about the book, A Garden Book for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. This book was initially published in the year 1929, and then edited in the year 1989. At present, this book has gone under another revision, and its present version focuses on plant conversation, native plants, and organic gardening

Organic Gardening – Gaining Popularity in the US

According to the author of this book, Lynn M. Herbert, in the past ten years the residents in the US have become more environmentally conscious. She feels that at present, the residents make efforts to incorporate eco friendly promotional items in their day-to-day lifestyle, which is the primary reason as to why organic gardening has gained a lot of popularity in the country.

This book focuses on organic gardening methods, and the author feels that the readers will be able to learn a lot from the book. In order to make the book more attractive to the readers, Herbert has included a lot of beautiful pictures in it. These pictures represent organic gardening methods, and they also showcase some rare species of plants and flowers. Herbert feels that this is the right time for people to move towards organic gardening and protect themselves from chemical exposure, and she is hoping that this book will help in spreading this message among the people.

Herbert Stresses on the Use of Organic Gardening

Apart from organic gardening methods, Herbert has talked about a lot of native plants and organic plants in the book. She feels that a lot of the people lack knowledge on this subject matter, which is why they choose chemically treated plants for their gardens. So, she has discussed about organic methods of making fertilizers and pesticides, and various organic and native plant species in detail in the book.

According to Herbert, native plants are far more beneficial than regular plants, as they don't require a lot of water. Furthermore, these plants grow much faster than chemically treated plants, and they have a lot of medicinal features as well. She has emphasized on all these features in her book to make people realize that native plants are an eco-friendly and economical option in comparison to regular plants. She is hoping that after reading the book, people will try growing these plants in their gardens. In order to make her book more comprehensive, she has also included information collected from over 100 amateur and professional gardeners in it.