Alternative Hydrogen Solutions, the main dealer of intelligent hydrogen systems manufactured by Highline Technical Innovations, declared that USA Metal Recycling has ordered hydrogen systems for use in the scrap metal collection tractors. The hydrogen systems are designed for less emission and fuel conservation.

Field Tested Hy-Road™ Metal Recycling

AHS partnered with USA Metal Recycling in March 2012; as a result of the partnership, Hy-Road™ systems were field tested before they could be allocated for trucking applications. The recycling company was responsible in supplying relevant information for improvising the product.

Due to the collaboration, the product acquired a better design. The field tests brought about almost 12% savings on fuel and a 50% reduction in the usage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Hy-Road was proved to be a viable and consistent solution.

Commenting on the successful design of the product, an USA Metal Recycling shop foreman said that it was the field test that convinced him of the product quality. Drivers of the trucks have reported a drastic improvement in the performance of the engine. The trucks ride smoother and climb hills with greater ease.

Chad Coats, the CEO of AHS, stated that USA Metal Recycling has helped AHS to bring out a better product design and achieve the ROI connected with the advantages of the Hy-Road Series. He also said that he was confident that AHS would offer products of credible value to transportation companies. The firm was thrilled with the attention it received due to successful field testing results.

Hy-Impact Products: Reducing Fuel Emissions While Metal Recycling

The Hy-Impact products use the catalyst, hydrogen for fuel combustion. After water and hydrogen are separated by electrolysis, a specific amount of hydrogen is passed into the combustion chamber of the engine. Hy-Impact operates using the patented CPU technology which ensures that only the right quantity of hydrogen is released for combustion. The process conserves fuel and reduces emission levels.

USA Metal Recycling is a company that procures different graded nonferrous and ferrous scrap metals from various sources such as manufacturers, individuals, and demolition contractors.

After many years of testing, improvisation, and research, Hy-Impact has emerged as a unique product that is the ideal solution to support environmental concerns by reducing fuel emissions. The Hy-Impact products can also be used in recycling facilities to conserve fuel while converting waste into eco friendly promotional items.

Highline Technical Innovations is based in Arkansas and is a company dedicated to produce high quality, innovative, and economically viable products that reduce the negative impact on the environment.