Pet owners need to watch out while taking their pets out for a customary walk that gives the pets a chance to relieve themselves as well. To put it bluntly, you can no longer leave behind a trail of dog's fecal matter, imagining that it can in no way be traced back to you. Whoever thought of such a possibility?

Maybe someone who stepped on a pile of dog poop did, or it was the brainchild of one of the condo managers who had to face the wrath of people complaining. It is all to do about having stepped on something in the hallway or elevator, or in the lawn or park – or just wherever. Pet owners can no longer get away without cleaning up after their pets are done. You don't need CCTV camera footings to show as evidence; we are more technically advanced today.

Recycled pet bags are a good option

The members of the maintenance staff team at Devon Wood, a 350-acre property have set the trend by resorting to advanced DNA monitoring techniques to trace the culprits. Your dog is unique and so is his or her poop. Hence think of a more sensible way like using recycled pet bags and save yourself the trouble and the dishonor of being caught red-handed, well almost. This DNA monitoring technique is scientific and one hundred percent reliable, so, beware pet owners. The next time your pet shows signs of getting the urge, just reach out for the recycled pet bag and do your bit to keep the surroundings clean, and the environment a lot greener.

Recycled pet bags are a good option

The same sentiments were echoed by Barbara Kensky who manages a 398-unit condo complex in the town of Braintree. They have adopted the DNA monitoring system as early as July, which resulted in a marked absence of waste that left them pleasantly flabbergasted. Gentle reminders, letters or notices have not done the trick, in spite of eyewitnesses reporting specific instances. The owners would simply demand proof that it was their pets that did it. However, when confronted with irrefutable evidence in the form of a DNA report, the errant owners had no other go but to admit.

Pet owners also realize that it makes sense to use recycled pet bagsand save themselves and their pets the ignominy of being accused of acting irresponsibly and without civic sense. No more skipping without cleaning up, and remembering to use recycled pet bags is certainly going to leave everyone in the neighborhood happy.