With the number of single-use plastic bags circulating around the world touching billions, the menace to the environment is enormous. In a bid to somewhat tackle this problem, a ban or a fee on using these bags has been proposed in New York City, which is a welcome move.

Shoppers to Be Subjected to Bag Fee without Using Recycled Tote Bags

Though plastic bag manufactures claim that these bags are inexpensive as well as useful for carrying stuff, we all know how harmful they are for the environment. They cannot be recycled, fly away to every possible nook and corner, litter beaches, streets and parks, hang on trees and fences, choke sea animals and wild animals and even in landfills, they take years to decompose.

The New York City Council reached this step after much deliberation on the matter. The city uses more than five billion plastic bags annually. You find them everywhere - grocery stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and retail stores. After you are done carrying your stuff home, you just toss them into trashcans and then they get carried away to landfills. But most of the times they fly away and create nuisance.

Almost 150 municipalities in the US have imposed bans or fee on these bags and this has helped reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation. A 10-cent fee on plastic bags would be sufficient to make people think whether they really need a bag or can do without it. Buying a lot of stuff would mean more bags and more fees, which would make them remember to carry their own reusable bags to stores.

It is time citizens realized their responsibility towards the environment and acted in tandem with administrative authorities to reduce plastic waste and keep their environment clean and green. They can switch to using custom printed tote bags which are environment friendly as well as stylish.

Custom Printed Tote Bags Any Day Better than Paper or Plastic Bags

The most obvious option for those who don't want to pay up for using plastic bags is to avoid using plastic bags altogether. They can rather buy some custom printed tote bags – they are trendy as well as eco-friendly. They are easy on your pocket, too.

Avoiding environmental hazards caused by plastic waste is something that needs proactive thinking as well as action from administrators and citizens also. Ditching plastic as well as paper bags and using reusable bags is the wisest choice for those who care for the environment and want to pass on a clean and green planet to future generations.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/10-cent-grocery-bag-fee-proposed-york-city-23069769