Recycled promotional shopping bags are ideal for giveaways to employees and at company events. There are a variety designs available to satisfy the needs of most occasions. Companies also have multiple options for use of these bags, such as at promotional events for attendees, to employees for everyday use and to deliver donated goods to local organizations. These are just a few ideas for the use of recycled shopping bags.

Recycled Shopping Bags Options for Promotional Events

Options to customize promotional shopping bags are also available. This can be setup to display a company logo or show a specific design. This option promotes company branding as well as the event the recycled shopping bags were created for. As an example, a business in the automotive industry could easily use bags like these to hand out for guests to put items from multiple manufacturers in. The thoughtfulness of the shopping bags with handles leaves a favorable impression with consumers.

Another idea for distribution of these bags is at a company sale or grand opening event. A bag could be given to each consumer as a token of their appreciation for attending the event. The bag is likely to be used by the consumer and is, again, more advertising for the business.

Provide Recycled Shopping Bags to Employees

To help reduce clutter and plastic bag garbage within the company, consider providing each employee with a promotional shopping bag to transport lunches and other necessary business items to and from work. Employees can also use these bags for grocery and other shopping in their everyday lives. Essentially, this makes each employee a walking advertisement for the business. Using every option possible as an advertising opportunity aids in increasing revenues and longevity of the business.

Fill Customized Recycled Shopping Bags for Donation Purposes

Many companies donate food items and other goods to local organizations. Using a company branded promotional shopping bag is a good option to accomplish this task. The bags can be left with the organization for reuse with distribution. It helps to get the business name out more in the local community and let residents know that the business cares about those living in the community.

Promotional shopping bags are reusable and remain durable. Being that they are created from recycled plastic bottles, it is an aid to the environment and keeps plastic out of landfills. Each plastic bottle used is sanitized prior to being repurposed for use in making the shopping bags. Whether it is a plain colored bag displaying company branding, or a more ornate design, a custom design is possible and will be exactly what your business wishes to display.