Here at Custom Earth Promos, we like to stay as relevant as possible. One of the ways we do this is by writing articles about upcoming holidays.

In just over a week, it will be Valentine's Day. These days, a lot of people opt for skipping the traditional gifts. Repetition can kill romance, leaving calorie-filled chocolate and cavity-causing candy, and soon-to-wilt flowers without much of a feeling. Some people find that they are tired of the same gifts each year, some people find that they are tired of doing what everyone else does, and some people find that they are just tired of tradition.

If you are scrambling for last minutes gifts for your sweetheart, here are a few eco-friendly ideas:
(*Hint: If you don't have a sweetheart, these work perfectly for "Galentine's Day," too!)

A Nontoxic Skincare Subscription Box

Be a good partner or friend by helping her be her best self.

Love Goodly is a vegan, cruelty and toxin free skincare and lifestyle product company that offers a bi-monthly subscription box that's green down to the last drop of plant based ink on its recycled cardboard cover! (You can also purchase a 6 or 12-month prepaid subscription through the FAQ page.)

With two levels of purchase, you can get up to 6 full sized products for a retail value of up to $174. Each box also features an occasional eco style accessory, wellness product, or healthy snack. The boxes also always benefit a charity. This month happens to be Farm Sanctuary, America's first animal shelter for farmed animals.

They won't tell you what is in the box, but they release a spoiler on each of their social media channels. According to Facebook and Instagram, the February/March box will include Flower Mill's Balm Shell face cleansing balm. This all-in-one deep cleaning facial cleanser and makeup remover is made with essential oils that work together to create a powerful yet gentle formula that won't dry out or strip your skin.

Organic Skincare, Body Care, Hair Care, & Cosmetics

Suzanne Somers has been a blonde bombshell all her life. At 72, her real self is nothing like ditzy Chrissy Snow from Three's Company or neurotic mama bear Carol Foster-Lambert from Step-By-Step.

What she has done is create a popular lifestyle brand, endorsing exercise and weight loss products; an as-seen-on-tv fashion item; and a line of organic beauty products that includes skincare, makeup, and haircare. Her beauty products are certified toxin free and contain no parabens, PEGs, chemical fillers, lead or lead based chemicals, petroleum phytates, sodium lauryl sulfates, or silicones—any of the scary, confusing ingredients people don't want to find in their hair or on their skin. They are also gluten and cruelty free, and made in the USA.

With options such as a subscription box, kits, sets, and free shipping on orders over $100, why not introduce your Valentine to their new favorite beauty product?

Eco-Friendly Greenery

Many people reach for flowers when they give plants on Valentine's Day. But these can be expensive, often wilt quickly, and many people throw them in the trash when they die. While, flowers are organic matter, it becomes difficult for most products to decompose while trapped in a landfill. To fix this reoccurring problem, why not give your best pal a succulent or air plant instead this Valentine's Day?

According to NASA researchers, plants such as peace lilies, spider plants, and English ivy can filter common indoor toxins. They breathe things such as formaldehyde, asbestos, and carbon monoxide. Research also reveals plants can be a good way to reduce stress and anxiety. A third study, from the University of Exeter in Exeter, England, found that in workplaces, creativity and productivity increased 40 percent around leafy coworkers.
You could even try seed paper, which blossoms into wildflowers when buried and soaked after use.

T-Shirts with Heart

Valentine's Day is supposed to be romantic, maybe even a little steamy or sexy. Landfills, however, are not! Yet, the average american send over 80 pounds of clothing waste to one of these places each year!

But if you gal is a t-shirt kind of lady, For Days has you covered with a solution to this problem. Their four-step circular business model aims to create zero waste with 100 percent organic, recyclable, stylish fabrics.

First you pick out your shirts—anything from tank tops, to v-necks, to sweatshirts, to crop tops. This sets your membership. Next, you wear your shirt(s). For one year, you can swap anything out for only $8. When you receive your fresh t-shirt, you send them back your old one. All returns are recycled into new yarn for another For Days item.

For a For Days credit of $4 per item, you can also send them old, worn out items that they will then send to one of their recycling partners. The maximum is $50, but there is no limit on how many things you can send them.

Non Toxic Cookware

They say that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. If this is true, why not heat things up with cookware that will help your food taste as good as it looks?

Le Creuset cookware doesn't contain the PFCs found in most nonstick cookware. It's also energy efficient. The items require low to medium heat to evenly distribute temperature and are dishwasher safe.

Checkout their Valentine's inspired enamled, cast-iron or stoneware. Plus, from now until Valentine's Day, if you use the code LOVE, you'll receive two heart shaped stoneware ramekins with any $150 purchase on the website or in Le Creuset signature stores.
With so many options, why not purchase some reusable grocery bags and get cooking!