The officials from Verizon have taken up the initiative to encourage the residents in South Carolina to recycle their e-waste. According to experts, people tend to store e-waste in their houses as they are not aware of various ways of recycling or disposing them. So the officials from Verizon are making an effort to educate the residents on the various things that they can do with their e-waste.

An E-Waste Recycling Program and Cheap Shopping Bags

According to the Supervisor and the Sustainability and Engagement Coordinator at Verizon, John Dorn, this program will help in making the people aware of all the recycling options available to them. The company is going to host this campaign on the 4th of April, 2013, and during the event the volunteers from the company will collect all sorts of e-waste from the residents of that area.

According to one of the officials from the Department of Commerce, Chantal Fryer, this program will help in recycling unwanted e-waste, and will also help in the growth of the economy. This is because, Verizon is going to recycle all the waste collected at the event. So the waste will be utilized as raw material for a few businesses, and indeed it will help in stimulating the economic development within the region.

Verizon Promoted Eco-Friendly Products and Cheap Shopping Bags

As a company, Verizon believes in promoting eco-friendly initiatives and products. The company frequently conducts similar recycling campaigns in different parts of the US, and then sends over the waste to Anything IT, which recycles this e-waste into useful products. So far, the largest collection that the company had was close to 86,000 pound of waste. It was collected in the Wilmington region, N.C. According to the officials from the company, the whole the company has managed to collect a million tons of waste from all such recycling events.

Apart from e-waste, the company strongly believes in recycling of regular items as well. This is the primary reason as to why the company is also planning on promoting cheap shopping bags and other eco-friendly products at its recycling campaigns in the future. According to the officials from the company, recycling in any form helps the environment as well as the economy of the region, so all forms of recycling should be promoted among the residents, and the residents should receive incentives to recycle as well.