As part of their educational endeavor, the students of Villa Cresta Elementary School at Parkville have volunteered to do their bit to save the environment. The 30-member organization comprises students from the third to the fifth grades. The students frantically look out for discarded aluminum cans, batteries, and plastic bags to add them to their collection of recyclables.

The Green Team Initiative in Villa Cresta

Stephanie Foy, a green team supervisor and a teacher at Villa Cresta said that the students work outdoors when the weather is good or indoors at the lobby when it isn't good. Though residents can drop the recyclables at the collection centers, yet they are encouraged to get assistance from a green team student.

Any student, who collects recyclables from residents and drops them off on their behalf, receives prizes. It is a move to inculcate environmental responsibility among the students.

The students often frequent houses in the neighborhood and inquire if they have recyclables to dispose off. The supervisor hoped that the recycling drive initiated by the students' green team has a beneficial impact on the community at large.

Villa Cresta Collecting the Right Recyclables to Make Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Students are given an in-depth knowledge on recyclables to help them identify items that can be recycled. In this way, they can educate the community on the right materials to be discarded as recyclables.

The enthusiastic members of the green team have already created a favorable impression among the people of the community. The students are inspired to continue their good work with sustained energy.

Foy said that the initiative plans to make young children aware of the hazards of plastic in the environment and the benefits of recycling them into eco friendly promotional products. The recycled products range from simple household products to fashionable accessories which bear a strong appeal for all sections of the community.

When students take up such a huge responsibility toward the environment, the adults are compelled to pitch in to do their part. Environmental awareness is also more effectively spread by children because people are inclined to listen to the thoughts of innocent, young minds.

Every year, the green team receives many requests from young students willing to be a part of the environmental movement. The Villa Cresta Elementary School hopes to target even younger children so that they grow up with sensitivity toward the environment and progress as responsible citizens.