Walmart at North Attleboro has joined MyEco, a program that works towards local schools earning some extra money when customers bring their own reusable bags, reducing plastic bag consumption. This initiative could help local schools earn nearly $20,000. At the same time, it will also help reducing the plastic bag nuisance.

What Is MyEco Program at Walmart?

MyEco is an initiative driven by the community. It works on the principle of partnership between stores and customers, both encouraging each other to reduce plastic bag usage. Working together, they are able to achieve remarkable results.

When shoppers bring their own reusable bags, they don't require any bag - paper or plastic - from the stores. The savings made on the plastic bag are then turned into cash donations which are given away to schools or non-profit organizations chosen by the customers themselves.

More shoppers bringing reusable bags equals to more saving and more donations to schools and charities. This partnership helps people earn more money for charities they support as well as reduce trash overload in the landfills.

Walmart has agreed to participate in this novel program. Customers can use the MyEco app on their cellphones and earn two cents for every $5 they spend here. This money will go to parent-teacher organizations of local schools, charities or non-profit organizations like Keep Attleboro Beautiful.

The program will be formally launched on April 22, Earth Day, when a QR code display will come up at the stores participating in the program, including Walmart. Customers, when making purchases, will need to scan this QR code on their cellphones.

This program could become a huge success in motivating people to begin using custom printed reusable bags which are not only trendy and stylish but also help people reduce plastic bag usage and contribute to their favorite causes at the same time.

Walmart Puts Emphasis on Custom Printed Reusable Bags

Programs like MyEco can help cities reduce plastic bag usage considerably. They offer customers as well as stores a win-win situation. More and more retail stores and supermarkets should participate in such programs to help reduce the use of plastic bags as well as donate to local schools with support and approval from customers.

There are many such initiatives in place, but go unnoticed or meet failure due to lack of public support or shortage of funds. With huge names like Walmart joining the cause, many other stores and retailers might be willing to lend their support to save the planet.