To propagate an eco-friendly lifestyle, Walmart Pharmacy has launched a new packaging system. This new eco-friendly package, Ecoslide-RX, is a medicinal package that requires a prescription. It is primarily designed to facilitate compliance dosing in patients and is extremely safe to use as well.

Ecoslide-RX: Compliance Dosing Made Easy in Walmart

This package, manufactured by Keystone Folding Box Co., is currently available at the Walmart Pharmacy stores. This package has 2 major benefits that will help patients with their medication. Firstly, it assists patients with compliance dosing. Compliance dosing is a method where in the packaging of the medicine is designed in the form of a calender. So, before taking the medicine, the patient will check which day it is and then take the medicine allotted for it. In this manner, the patient can keep a track of the day he or she started taking the medicine and avoid confusion on matters of dosage quantity or how much dosage one needs to take per day.

Unlike other compliance packages, Ecoslide-RX is made up of 100 percent recyclable substances. So it is plastic-free, making it safe for all the customers, specifically children. The eco-friendly attribute of the package had been tested by certified authorities, and in the year 2011, it was approved by all of them. During the testing, according to the manufacturers, the product was named as the most “child-resistant” package with a rating of (F=1) and was considered “senior-friendly” as well.

Walmart's Interest In Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Sandy Kinsey, the Vice President for the Pharmacy Merchandising division at Walmart, stated that Walmart is extremely concerned about the quality of their products. According to her, the company is devoted to provide superior patient care and believes that compliance packaging has helped them achieve this motive.  This could lead the way for them to offer eco friendly bags as well to aid in their environmentally friendly culture.

In 2011, a peer-reviewed study was conducted on around 300,000 patients who use Walmart Pharmacy services. This study was conducted during a time period of 2 years and it stated that compliance packaging is extremely beneficial and has a significant impact on adherence of medication. The same research also stated that when compared to traditional packages, this packaging displays an epochal ROI in terms of the incremental cost as well.

At present, Ecoslide-RX is sold under Walmart's $4 prescription drug plan and has received a positive response from consumers as well as pharmacists. Presently, consumers prefer buying this compliance package over traditional products, such as amber rivals and blister solutions. So, looking at the success of this product, the company may continue producing other eco friendly promotional items as well.