When you think about college - studying, classes, and socializing usually come to mind. With so much going on, it's safe to assume that green living and being eco-friendly on campus isn't something students necessarily focus on.

But there are a few simple ways - outside of things you should already be doing like recycling – that any college student can do to be more eco-friendly without having to make huge sacrifices to their lifestyle. The following tips focus on ways you can make your time at college more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Choose An Eco-Friendly College

If you truly want to reduce your carbon footprint, start by applying to eco-friendly colleges that are renowned for their superb sustainability practices and for offering students a healthy quality of life on campus. If you're already enrolled in a college that doesn't put an emphasis on the environment, use this to your advantage and help educate your institute as well as your fellow classmates. Join an environmental or sustainability club or if your college doesn't offer one, consider starting one yourself.

Walk, Bike, or Take Public Transportation

Often more than not, college campuses are situated in walkable towns or cities making it easy to ditch your car and reduce your carbon footprint (saving you lots of money on gas, too). But if you happen to live off campus or are a regular commuter, consider alternative options to driving solo such as carpooling, biking, or using public transit. If you don't own a bike, take advantage of any bike sharing programs in your area.

Invest in Reusable Green Products

Plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, and mugs are just a handful of everyday items you'll need in college and though it can be all too easy to stock up on disposable products, doing so will actually end up costing you more in the long run. Instead, invest in reusable products like ceramic plates and bowls, stainless steel mugs, and reusable shopping bags. These items are not only more eco-friendly but they also double as money-saving practices.