To promote eco-friendly gifting this holiday season, a unique market of eco friendly promotional items was organized in Westport, Connecticut. The sale in the market continued for a span of three days. There was a variety of shops selling unique and innovative eco-friendly products. Most of the stalls in the market were put up by the local vendors in the area.

A Market with a Twist in Westport

According to Opala Avdiu, a resident in the Westport locality, the market had an amazing range of products. There were many stalls that were selling items such jewelry, crystal decoration pieces, and skin care products. The market had suitable gifts for all ages and the products displayed in it were affordable as well, she added.

The Various Eco-Friendly Promotional Items at the Westport Market

The market had a lot of eco-friendly products to meet the needs of various people. Some of the popular picks at the market were beautiful handcrafted jewelry, confectionery delights, beautiful crystal pieces, and other home accessories. According to Avdiu, the handcrafted jewelry designed by Trades of Hope, a locally based vendor, was a popular choice among the customers. This stall also had beautiful eco-friendly tote bags, home accessories, and scarves for women. The products at Trades of Hope are designed by female artisans, and the organization ensures that they pay them a fair amount of compensation for their creative designs.

Aside from Trades of Hope, the stall that received a lot of positive response was the Sweet and Sour Creations. This stall sold sweet treats made by children. This organization has food products made by three children, and they use only natural ingredients to make their products. Some of their popular products include cookies, fudge, and toffees.

A unique stall at the market was that of Boyd Wellness. The owner of this business, Jennifer Boyd-Mullineaux, showcased crystals at her stall. According to her, these crystals have healing qualities in them. Along with these crystals, the owner also showcased a unique water filtration system at the market.

Some of the other companies that were appreciated at the market were Bodha Skin and Hartha Healing. Bodha Skin, founded by Brittany Chamberlin Martin, is an enterprise that sells natural beauty products for all ages and genders. Some of their popular products are hand care lotions and facial creams. In addition to this, a range of eco-friendly pillows was showcased at the market by Claudine Maidique.