When you are working with us at Custom Earth Promos, we want you to know that you have every option in the world when building your custom bag. We can help you, but we also want to give you some ideas. This list will save you time and energy. Plus, you can build different bags for different events. 

At Custom Earth Promos, we have all the full color printing and custom bag options when you contact us for assistance. 

Every Custom Bag Should Have Your Name 

You need to add your company's name to the bag. You could also use your logo, but you need something that is easy to read. You can make sure that we work with you to choose the proper image size. You want people to instantly see the name, remember the bag, and reach out. A logo can do the same thing, but it must have a good background. 

Your Email, Website, or Phone Number 

You should try to fit your email, website or phone number on the bag. The idea behind this is that you can want people to search you on their phones after seeing the bag. If people see the bag enough, they are more likely to remember. This is like filling up your business page for a search engine. 

Bright Colors 

You must use colors that will grab the attention of the public. If you have used a stunning color that works with the design of your name or logo, people will know it is you. Some customers might remember you because they see the bags as they shop near your business. Plus, bright colors work with dark lettering. 

When you contact our team at Custom Earth Promos, we will help you with designs, colors, and lettering. We make sure every custom bag looks perfect and improves your marketing ROI.