When you are looking for respiratory masks and gloves that will keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and going forward, you need to put some thought into which masks are right for you. Because of this, there are some tips below that will make your life a little bit easier and safer.

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Who is Wearing these Respiratory Masks?

You must choose your masks based on the size and age of the person. For example, a small child cannot be fitted with an N95 or KN95 mask. Those masks are designed for at-risk and healthcare workers. You may, however, use a cotton masks or canvas mask with adjustable ear loops for your kids.

Where are You Wearing these Masks?

The setting where you use your masks is a big part of how you will choose them. Because of this, you can use these masks if you are going to work at any essential job. You could also use these masks if you are immunocompromised or feel you are more susceptible than most people.

If you, however, need a simple face covering, you can go with canvas or cotton masks that simply keep your face covered. These particular masks can be printed in full color, and that might help tempt kids to wear them.

Order Different Masks for Different People

When you are handing out respiratory masks to your medical staff, you can choose KN95 masks. You might want to use canvas or cotton masks for your workers or kids. You simply need to choose a mask that you know you can wear comfortably, and you should continue to wear masks and gloves even after the pandemic ends just for safety's sake.