The Whole Foods Market which opened recently will delight green enthusiasts especially since the entire store claims to be completely organic in comparison to most other stores. Located at 3rd St. and 3rd Ave. in Brooklyn, this organic food haven is shaping up to an organic theme park and boasts of many organic and green features.

Whole Foods Market Is the Latest Eco-Friendly Option for Shoppers

This Whole Foods has almost eliminated its carbon foot print. The solar panels will light up its electricity, even if it will only be till the extent of 25 percent. Yet, this is a good beginning. Nevertheless, wind turbines will help in providing light to its parking lot. Organic food lovers will love to know that their products are locally sourced. Pretty soon the store will also have rooftop greenhouse over its 20,000 square foot roof where herbs will be grown that anyone will be able to buy.

Whole Foods has used recycled materials in its construction. The produce bins you will see in their store come from discarded wood off the Coney Island. A demolished Newark building has proven useful for providing bricks for the facade. Gowanus Creek, the polluted lake is also getting a facelift with a walkway that is complete with benches and shrubbery.

The choice of site for Whole Foods makes perfect sense, according Michael Sinatra, the company spokesman. The canal has given the company a reason to focus on environment. It has refurbished the surrounding and made the store environment friendly. Nowhere else perhaps so many environmentally appropriate things have been done at one place, as here. Sinatra thinks, this is among the best few sustainably designed outlets ever begun. The eco-friendly approach followed by this new store includes nearly everything one can think of.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Can Create Awareness at Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods is a living example in the maximization of the use of eco-friendly promotional items in a single retail outlet. These items are not just great for the environment but also show in the profit of the company. While the food products out there are mainly organic, the structure itself has been constructed mostly out of recycled material. The outlet also offers an example of the use of non-conventional energy sources for various activities. The retail outlet is going to be hugely attractive to customers and exemplary for other companies wanting to design environmentally friendly stores. It will motivate people to adopt organic lifestyle. Today, it is really important for people to go green and adopt organic life style not just for their personal health but also for the sustainability of environment.