There are many reasons a business would be interested in buying and using wholesale shopping bags. Buying wholesale has many advantages on its own. For one, there is the cost. You are passing over multiple salesmen and store fronts that each serves to drive the cost up. Middlemen are often not able to offer a bulk discount. They make a profit on each product individually. Since you are saving by buying bulk you do not have to skimp on quality to stay under budget. That's something both the customer and the businessman can agree on!

Wholesalers are a different kind of business model user. They do business with businesses and other organizations who need bulk purchases at affordable rates. They either make the product or they are buying it factory direct. The usual sales stream is different. Non-wholesale, a product goes from the factory where it is produced to a buyer. There it sits in a warehouse till this first purchaser either sells it to a retail store or to another warehouse dealer. Each time the item is sold the cost goes up. Each dealer has salaries to pay, overhead costs and a wee bit of profit to make for themselves. This adds up quite fast.

Any business or organization will need bags. A business will need bags on a daily basis to provide customers with a complete shopping experience. To fill this need many are turning to ecologically sound wholesale shopping bags to provide the convenience of bagging purchased items. The bags are often customizable with the businesses logo and choices of color and size ranges as well. The ability to customize to the exact desires of the purchaser is just another perk of buying wholesale bags.

Non-retail organizations need wholesale shopping bags for other reasons. For example, a group wishes to host a fundraiser or a gala type event. They need a quick and easy to use gift item for participants. Or, they need a small item to reward donors. Few things so easily and practically fit the bill as a bag made just for that organization or even one designed to commemorate that event.

There is probably no easier way for a business or organization to purchase low-cost effective advertising than a shopping bag. Long lasting and eco-friendly, good shopping bags practically pay for themselves. Wholesale purchasing brings this all within the range of any budget.