So often fundraising meetings degrade into sitting in a quiet room as everyone desperately tries to come up with original ideas. The reality is, in most social groups the basics are already covered. There is only so many cheesecakes a person can fit into their freezer. Fortunately, a smart use of wholesale canvas bags can bring any fundraiser from "drab to fab."

Of course, the most basic concept is to sell the bags to themselves. Reusable bags are becoming a very popular item, and people use them for shopping, storage, and as a simple tote. Ordering wholesale means that you will be able to sell them at a price that people will love, while still making a tidy profit for your cause. You can go as simple as just the name and logo for your organization, or you could come up with one or more snazzy designs that support your cause. Depending on the time frame, you could even have a bag design contest in order to get some excitement going for the fundraiser.

A second way to make use of these bags is as an add-on item to an existing fundraiser. Cases of fruit are a common fundraiser idea, but the amount of fruit in each box can be a little much to eat or give. By selling some handy bags that can be used as gift bags you can give your supporters new reason to buy extra. You can also increase your base by offering partial cases, split amongst the bags. This is great for small families who can only finish a partial case. By making a half case more than half the cost, you can give people this great option while still upping the money you bring in.

You might even want to approach local stores with your idea. By passing on a few cents from each bag, you can give local retailers a way to give back to the community with minimal effort on their part. You will want to approach them early in the process so you can negotiate how much of a cut they will take. You could even offer to allow the retailer to have their logo on the bag with yours instead of taking a cut of the profits. This is a great solution is time is a problem. Your bags will automatically be in front of all their customers, rather than having to approach people individually. Most of the work will be the administrative tasks of making sure that you collect your profits and bringing in enough bags.

There are actually new fundraising ideas out there, you just need to find them. Wholesale canvas bags make a great promotion all on their own, and you can add them to other programs to take them to the next level. There are not many ideas floating around that are so flexible.