Reusable bags are better than plastic bags because of obvious reasons. It is a known fact that reusable bags will not harm the environment as much as single use plastic bags do. In fact all single use bags including paper, plastic, and biodegradable cause severe environmental impacts. Other than green house gas emissions, they generate solid waste and cause harm to wild life.

Use Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

There are a number of studies with the same conclusion that single use plastic bags cause severe environmental damage. They create trash, waste, and litter, foul beaches and block drains. In addition, tax payers must pay for the clean up. Among all single use bags, plastic bags cause greatest damage to marine life. It is, therefore, hugely advantageous to shift to wholesale reusable bags promotional from economic and environmental considerations.

The rivers across the world carry plastic bags and drain them in seas and oceans, severely impacting the marine life. These bags are also harmful to marine birds and animals, who consume fragments of such wastes confusing them with food and are injured or die in consequence.

According to an Ocean Conservancy report, the pieces of trash most commonly found during coastal cleanups are the things that we use in our day to day life, including plastic bags. A creek advocacy group by the name of the Ukiah Friends of Gibson Creek retrieved 241 plastic bags in a four hour clean up of a stretch, only a mile long. Fort Bragg, Ukiah, and Mendocino County have done well to ban stores and supermarkets from using plastic carry bags since January 2013. The ban is expected to be extended to the other stores as soon as 2014.

An environmental impact report for Sonoma County is now complete. Accordingly, the effort in Sonoma County is to clean up the trash and a county wide ban ordinance is likely soon.

Using and Recycling Wholesale Reusable Bags

The best we can do to contribute to the cause of environment is to use and recycle wholesale reusable bags. It is best to purchase reusable carry bags and carry it along each time you visit a store. They are readily available and come in all shape and size to suit your interest. There are many residents who have been using carry bags for over two decades. Cotton and polyester carry bags can be washed easily so they are the best to use.

When reusable bags become a part of your shopping idea, it will be easy to carry on with the newly inculcated habit. They should be available in your car or bike. Your backdoor is yet another convenient place to keep your carry bag, so you don't miss it whenever you leave for the store.