Earth Day is a day on which we affirm our commitment to save this planet and the best way to do this is to recycle old things rather than sending them to the dumping grounds. Santa Monica has done just that, and has passed a bill that mandates that all big businesses have to recycle their daily waste.

Recycling in Santa Monica

The Public Works department of Santa Monica has installed blue no-sort recycling carts. These are available for free, and are for disposing of glass, can, mixed paper and plastic. Even the recycling done is absolutely free. The blue containers are for independent homes and multifamily buildings as well as condominiums. A neighborhood has to share the blue containers, which are to be placed in alleyways.

The containers are of 300-gallon capacity and if one blue container is filled up, the next one can be used. All kinds of waste, other than electric and electronic waste, are accepted. Foils, cans of all kinds, glass bottles of alcoholic drinks like wine, beer and none alcoholic drinks like juices, coolers, jam, jelly, mayo bottles are allowed. Also allowed are plastic and paper wastes, though it is advisable to use wholesale reusable bags.

What are absolutely not allowed are clothes or any textile, hoses, ceramic or glass, electronic products, batteries or fluorescent lights. These items, if put in the blue container, can contaminate other items and render them unfit for recycling. Although some of the above items are recyclable, they have no market value and so are not allowed.

Another great way to recycle is to construct composts pits in your backyard. This is best for the vegetable and fruit wastes, egg shells and such other waste. This prevents landfills and dumping grounds from getting filled up unnecessarily. The City's Resource Recovery & Recycling Division is ready to provide you with a SoilSaver Composter that makes composting a faster process.

Using wholesale reusable bags is a good idea too

Apart from taking recourse to recycling methods, why not do something or use something which can be used over and over again? One such useful and non-wastage item is reusable bags. These bags are made for multiple uses and are made from natural fibers mostly. After using them, you can keep them for future use and thus reduce waste production.