The city council of Williamson County is making efforts to revamp its recycling system in order to make it more efficient.  The commissioners in the county have made the proposal for a new recycling program, and are expecting to implement it in the forthcoming weeks. The formal guidelines of this program will be discussed in a special meeting, sometime towards the end of January. This meeting will be a crucial step in implementing this plan within the county.

The New Recycling Program In Williamson County

According to the Chairman of the county board, Ron Ellis, the new recycling system will help the county in organizing its recycling activities. The county board that has come up with the proposal of this new change has been working on it since the past month. According to the new proposal, the existing private businesses that help current pickups of waste across the county and pay a fee of around $100 annually need to be eliminated.

According to experts, the present recycling system is logistically hard to maintain. At present, there are 4 recycling centers within the city. Most of these centers have a three-day schedule which is tiresome for all the workers. Therefore, the commissioners feel that the county needs to treat recycling as a beneficial activity for the state, and not as a profit-making business, because that leads to logistic difficulties.

The commissioners feel that the city council should undertake all the recycling activities themselves, as that would make the system more organized. However, with this amendment, they don't intend on discouraging the private businesses that are involved in recycling activities. One of the commissioners on the board, Jim Marlo, states that the private businesses should continue their recycling activities even after the change in the system. As a matter of fact, in order to conduct their activities, the private businesses just need to get in touch with the local waste haulers. To make the process clearer, Marlo has drafted letters that will be sent out to the private businesses to inform them about the change in detail.

Williamson County Recycling System to Encourage Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to Ellis, recycling activities should aim at encouraging eco friendly promotional items and not making profits. Therefore, it is wrong for the city council to compete with the private industry that deals with waste disposal. Brent Gentry, another commissioner, agrees with Ellis and feels that recycling programs undertaken by the county should be educational in nature and should encourage eco friendly behavior among all the residents, especially the children. According to experts, the new system will help in diluting the profits in the present recycling system, and thus it should be implemented.